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Higgins Beach “NO PARKING” restrictions

Posted in Uncategorized by eugecole on January 18, 2010

The town of Scarborough has been discussing the relaxation of  it’s ‘No Parking’ restrictions at Higgins Beach from “No Parking April 1 – October 1” to “No Parking May 1 – September 15” allowing parking on the streets for 6 additional weeks each year.

There is an on-going ‘public access issue’ between beach-goers and some Higgins Beach residents. The “Higgins Beach Property  Owners Group”  is attempting to stop this change in parking rules by circulating a e-mail petition, (see below) wanting the topic ‘tabled’ until the parking lot issue is resolved.

The parking lot sale is not a done deal, surfers need to stand up for public access and attend this meeting, especially if you are a Scarborough resident.


“Higgins Beach Property  Owners Group” e-mail:

As you may or may not know, there has been some discussion at the Town Council level about changing the dates of the parking restrictions at Higgins FROM “No parking April 1 – October 1” TO “No parking May 1 – September 15” effectively allowing parking on the streets for 6 additional weeks each year.. This proposal passed the first reading at the January 6 Council meeting and is scheduled for a public hearing at the January 20th Council meeting (Town Hall 7PM). Many owners have expressed concerns about this proposal. These concerns include the usual problems of congestion, pedestrian safety, emergency vehicle access and traffic safety.

But first things first. In reality, consideration of changes to the parking ordinance seems premature given that the town is in negotiations to purchase the parking lot. It seems that the best course of action is to request that the Council table discussion about this change until after the parking lot purchase has been completed and a comprehensive discussion can be conducted. Given the short notice until the January 20th meeting and the number of owners who are out of town, we thought an electronic petition might be the most effective way for like minded owners to band together to ask the Council to table the discussion on changing the dates for allowing on street parking.  Bill Donovan, of 8 Morning Street, has graciously drafted the following petition to the Council (see below) to request that they table this discussion at this time. *If you would like to join in signing this petition,* please reply to this e-mail and your name will be added as a signatory. This petition will be presented to the council at the January 20th meeting. You should, of course, always feel free to contact the councilors on your own and certainly we encourage those of you who live locally to attend the January 20 council meeting (7PM, Town Hall to make your opinions known.

We, homeowners at Higgins Beach, submit this petition to the Scarborough Town Council to request that the Council table the proposal to increase permitted parking on all streets at Higgins Beach from the current provision of October 1-April 1 to a proposed provision of September 15-May 1.

We believe any change in dates should be considered in conjunction with the Town’s purchase of the Ocean Avenue parking lot and the planning process for how the parking lot will be used to address concerns people have about traffic and parking at Higgins Beach.

Respectfully submitted,


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  1. PhilipMumbles said, on January 19, 2010 at 2:28 am

    As a fairly semi-new resident to Maine I have to say that Higgins Beach was a huge deciding factor to my wife and I in deciding to move here. I had surfed the area here and there for some ten years prior on trips. As a surfer the area drew me and the beauty my wife. To move somewhere where people respected the outdoors as everyones. Parking fees to enjoy the beach weren’t insane and people weren’t so elitist when it came to thinking they have rights to horde this earths natural wonders as their own.

    I have to say that soon after moving a few years back I have noticed a trend more and more that is scaring me. Parking fees are going up, parking itself is becoming more and more restricted. Home owners seeming to think they have some ” first right” to have access to a natural wonder while public tax dollars go to rebuilding the beach barrier and protecting said houses. These are scary trends and people need to show in force to their local elected officials just who is in the greater majority. You and I, people who want to use a natural wonder when “we” want. The beach and residing town is not anyones and is everyones. It is not a private community. It is for all to use and should be respected as something that brings tourists and people such as myself to buy and invest in such an area.

  2. The Anonymouse That Roared said, on July 26, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    The Higgins Beach Inn and its friends (an older couple living across the street) have been observed engaged in verbal harassment of beach-goers who use the dozen or so free public parking spaces on the street in front of the Inn. They insult their guests and tell them that the spaces are for Inn customers only. According to the police, those are free public spots and Inn’s lies are a known issue.

    The people of Scarborough need to control these miscreants who think they can claim public property as their own and mistreat visitors to their would-be gated community. Higgins Beach itself is great, with good breakers and nice rock formations. However, in addition to behavioral rehabilitation, it also needs serious parking reforms: more free parking and a cheaper (less than $10) overflow lot.

    Extra note: The Inn itself operates the overflow lot until 2011, when the city takes it over, so people might want to boycott HB until then to keep money out of the hands of these undeserving liars who don’t know the first thing about hospitality.

  3. Anon 1 said, on August 11, 2010 at 6:17 am

    The Higgins Beach Inn has recently gone as far as putting up signs claiming that the public parking spots are their private property and that non-guests of the Inn/restaurant will be towed. Please don’t be fooled or intimidated by these crooks! The Scarborough police will respond to complaints.

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