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Higgins Beach Parking

Posted in Uncategorized by eugecole on January 21, 2010

Janice Parente, Chair of our local Surfrider Chapter, attended the Scarborough town meeting as they voted on proposed changes to the “No Parking” restrictions at Higgins Beach. Below are her observations of the meeting.

At last night’s Town meeting the proposed changes to the on-street parking at Higgins was voted down. No Parking remains April 1 – October 1 for now. It will go back to the ordinance committee for further review. Nothing was really lost here. We just didn’t gain anything either.

More unfortunate however was the presentation of a seemingly mounting campaign against surfers at Higgins beach. Property Owners were there in numbers with 8×10 glossies of “surfer behavior” at Higgins. Made a HUGE impression on the Counsel members. Concerns like Congestion, Pedestrian safety, emergency access, traffic safety and lewd behavior were sited as surfer derived issues on “mid to big wave” days. Absolutely no other Beach User Type was spoken about.

What I was told was that the parking lot is being plowed and the gate will be open from dawn to dusk. A request was made that surfers police ourselves and encourage use of this lot.

Public Works agreed to post the snow ban hotline on the website. The number is 730-4300. No on-street parking when the snow ban is in effect. Respect the Snowplow.


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