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Go Like Save Higgins

Posted in Uncategorized by eugecole on November 8, 2010

A Save Higgins facebook page has appeared to address the current parking / access issues. Seems to be a good place to communicate ideas and get an act together. But I think ultimately the real way to “save Higgins” is to show up at the Scarborough town council meetings.


Higgins Beach: PRIVATE – DO NOT ENTER!

Posted in Uncategorized by eugecole on November 4, 2010

We are going to lose winter access to Higgins Beach. A small number of Higgins Beach residents are trying to change parking rules to keep Higgins private. Street parking for 6 cars for only 30 minutes, and the newly purchased lot will not be plowed. This equals NO BEACH ACCESS. Ben Keller, a Scarborough resident, has been following this issue closely. Below are his observations of a recent presentation of the ‘recommendations’ of the ad hoc parking committee.

The so called ‘ad hoc’ committee (which consists of 5 Higgins Beach residents and two non residents) has put forth a recommendation to the town council that is extreme. They are proposing 6 spots for 30 minute parking on the road in the off season. The premise is that it will create more through traffic- people will pull over, look at the ocean and leave. But in reality they are making it so people can not get in the water. Their point is that the lot will be open. 

However, it was made very plain at the meeting last monday about the ideas for the lot, by the town manager himself, that the chances the lot being plowed in the winter, more than a few spots, and with any expediency is almost nil. The residents even told them not to heat the bathroom building because no one will use it because it won’t be plowed.

The bottom line here is that the monied landowners in the Higgins Beach area are trying to keep all the beach users out. I left the meeting seething. It seems that some of the town councilors (2 in particular) have already made up their minds to support it.

This is ludicrous. Unfortunately my mind has already jumped to a citizens initiative but that is premature. We need to stand up for our rights as taxpayers in Scarborough, and as beach users in the state of Maine.

If you want to read this travesty of a document, you can find it here:

I sincerely hope as a taxpayer I am not alone in this. More soon….

80’s Surf Life

Posted in Uncategorized by eugecole on November 2, 2010

New Smyrna Beach, 1986(?).
Driving to the inlet, with glassed-on fins. Wearin’ Oakley’s. And hanging out with smokin’ girls, with bleach blonde hair, sitting on the backs of cars.